Frequently Asked Questions on White Water Rafting in Cairns
Frequently Asked Questions on White Water Rafting in Cairns

Frequently Asked Questions On White Water Rafting In Cairns

Tully River Rafting Cairns

What should I wear rafting?
You will definitely get wet so make sure you bring swimmers, wear them under your clothes on the way there. A sun shirt if you have one (rashie). Board shorts are recommended for both guys and girls. You will also need to wear secure footwear that will not come off while rafting such as running shoes or sandals. If you don’t have suitable footwear (or don’t want yours to get wet) sandals are available for hire.

What is a rafting Levy?
Some Rafting operators as customers to pay a Levy on the day of travel. This is usually made up of insurance & Environmental Management fees. This "Pay on Day" fee is also use by some Reef & Tandem Skydive Operators.
For example: You might see a Tully River Rafting tour from Cairns advertised for $229 + $30 Levy payable on the day.
To save confusion we include the levy in our prices. When you book with Travstar there is no more to pay on the day.

What shall I Bring?
Make sure you bring a towel and a set of dry clothes to change into after your rafting adventure. Don't forget some money for souveniers and snacks. It is recommended to apply sunscreen before you go rafting, however don’t apply this to the back of your legs (as rubber and sunscreen make for a slippery combination!) or above your eyes.

What can I bring aboard the raft?
Just yourself, all of your bags, towels and clothing will be locked aboard the bus which will meet you at the bottom of the river. Cameras, jewellery, watches are not recommended as there is a high chance of loosing them if you fall out of the raft.

Can I wear glasses?
No. Your tour guide will carry a dry pack that remains with them throughout the rafting journey. This dry pack is designed to keep items dry and safe from water exposure.

The dry pack is specifically designed to keep its contents dry and secure. However, to minimize the risk of any damage, we recommend using a protective case for your glasses when storing them in the dry pack.

Will it be cold?
Cairns is located in the tropics with average day time temperatures ranging from 25°C (77°F) in winter to 33°C (95°F) degrees in summer. Perfect conditions for rafting all year round! For those who feel the cold free spray jackets and hire wetsuit tops are available before rafting commences.

Do we go white water rafting if it is raining?
Yes! Rain is a feature of the wet tropics. Surrounded by tropical rainforest, the area must receive at least 1.3 metres of rain per annum. Most rainfall occurs during the summer months, December to March. Tully Gorge National Park is one of the wettest areas in Australia! White water rafting trips operate all year round and the rain simply adds to the experience and makes for some exciting rapids!

Do you need to know how to swim?
Rafting requires a moderate swimming ability as this is a water sport and you may end up in fast moving water. During the safety talk your guide will explain how to properly “swim” a rapid.

What safety gear will I wear?
All rafters are fitted with life jackets and helmets that are hand checked by the river guides prior to getting on the water.

How safe is White Water Rafting?
Like any adventure activity, rafting carries with it inherent risks. Every participant must sign a Liability Release Form prior to commencing rafting. Detailed safety talks are conducted by river guides prior to any rafting. On shore safety cover is set up by river guides where necessary and guides monitor the passenger’s safety during every rapid.

All river guides are trained in first aid, CPR, river reading, river navigation and white water rescue. Guides receive regular ongoing river training and assessments to maintain their existing high standards. All guides carry safety equipment to deal with any situation. Not only are our guides highly trained in white watr rescue but they have detailed knowledge on their local area and surrounds.

What medical conditions will prevent me from rafting?
Injuries, pregnancy and some life threatening heart conditions do not mix with rafting. If you have allergies or a medical condition requiring essential medication please advise at the time of booking.

Will I get motion sick?
The chances of getting motion sick are very low. River running is not like being at sea and does not seem to induce seasickness.

Will I be expected to paddle?
You are the engine of this raft. Everybody paddles whilst your guide shouts out instructions. This adds to the overall experience, excitement and adrenalin rush!

Do I need to be young and fit to go rafting?
Enthusiastic adventurers range in age anywhere from 5 years to 84 and older! There are some physical requirements for joining a rafting trip, and being healthy and reasonably fit certainly makes the experience more rewarding. People with medical conditions should have a physician's approval before taking an adventure travel trip. If you're in doubt about your fitness to go rafting, we recommend checking with your doctor before you go.

Can I bring young children on a rafting trip?
Yes! The Sportsrafting Rafting and River Tubing invites children as young as 6 to participate. We want your kids to get outdoors have the time of their lives, and we want you to be relaxed and able to appreciate their enthusiasm and delight.

Do you have to book ahead?
It is advised to pre-book especially for the Xtreme Rafting and Rapid Boarders where passenger numbers are limited.

What's the best time of year to go rafting?
With guaranteed water levels all year round and a tropical climate, anytime of year is a great time to raft!

How many people fit in a raft?
Rafts carry up to 7 passengers plus your river guide.